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  1. Profilfoto:
    Nordic Offshore A/S
  2. Profil 2:

    Established in 2002, Nordic Offshore has since developed into a global player serving leading companies around the world from offices located in or close to the centres of the maritime industry.

    We are growing constantly, and in 2009 Nordic Offshore was appointed as one of the 18 most successful companies on Funen by Ernst & Young. The appointment was based on a set of parameters including Corporate Social Responsibility, and underlines our ability to maintain a group of loyal and experienced personnel, now counting more than 100.

    Nordic Offshore provides highly experienced and qualified personnel for any duration of any project, from short notice day jobs to full time permanent positions. We are specialists who understand the demands of the industry. This means that we are able to carefully select the right candidates to fit the job - we never waste client’s or candidate’s time by mass mailing CV’s.

    Our key strengths lie in our fast response times. Real time accurate vacancy information ensures that clients’ positions are filled efficiently and effectively without costly delays. Our reputation ensures that the best candidates come to us first, giving our clients the most experienced professionals to choose from.

    Our commitment to quality is underlined by the fact that we are already approved suppliers to many of the major shipping companies worldwide.

  2. KLL Ny WiW :
    1. SS wiw Navn:
      Lissy M. Sørensen
    1. SS wiw Navn:
      Søren Paaskesen
    2. SS wiw titel:
      Managing Director
    1. SS wiw Navn:
      Carl Erik Olsen
Nordic Offshore A/S
  1. Firma:
    Nordic Offshore A/S
  2. Adresse 1:
    Banegårdspladsen 2B, 1.
  3. + by:
    5600 Faaborg
  4. Land:
  1. Tel.
    +45 63 61 03 64
  2. Fax
    +45 63 61 03 65
  1. Web:
  1. Contact 1:
    Ulla Kiersgaard
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