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B2B delegation trip to China - focus on fisheries and related processing industry 2019

Join Danish Export – FISH TECH for a B2B delegation trip to China

Join us on B2B delegation trip to China with focus on fisheries and related processing industry in China. The B2B delegation trip will take place 2-6 December 2019.

Get the opportunity to explore market opportunities and obtain insight into the Chinese fisheries and related processing industry. 

Tentative program

You will meet relevant stakeholders and decision makers from the fisheries and processing industries in China, have dialogue with industry professionals on their requirements for equipment and solutions for the fisheries industry and at the same time get an opportunity to present your solutions to the industry. 

During the B2B delegation trip we will also visit the Marintec China exhibition in Shanghai, where important marine players an stakeholders from the Chinese fisheries industry are gathered. The visit is highly relevant as the marine industry in China is expected to have an increased focus on the fisheries industry and fishing fleet in the coming years. 

Tentative program for the B2B delegation trip to China

Further program elements may be added based on the interest of the Danish companies signed up for the B2B delegation trip.

Deadline for sign up for the B2B delegation trip is 8 November (primarily due to VISA matters)

Market facts about China: Upgrade of world's largest fishing fleet

China is in the process of renewal of the world’s largest fishing fleet. The Chinese government has introduced financial incentives to support the renovation and modernization of the fleet and financial support programs have been introduced on both national and regional levels.This is an area of possible closer cooperation between Denmark and China to reach the new goals on efficient and environmental fisheries.

How will China reach these goals?
No new fisheries licenses are issued by the authorities due to environmental issues and risk of overfishing. The existing license holders and fleet owners therefore focus on extending their catch capacity and improving the efficiency of the fleet (fishing vessels) by building new larger vessels or modernizing existing fishing vessels so they can also obtain a larger part of for instance the fuel support grants introduced by the Chinese fisheries authorities. As the tendency is towards large fishing vessels it is also the Distant water fleet which will see the strongest increase and development in the nearby future.

The Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) is the authority in charge of the fisheries industry in China. The ministry has implemented the initiative “Notice on further strengthening of the management of fishing vessels for renewal of offshore ships” to support the renewal and modernization of the Chinese fishing fleet and to support that the country have full focus and political support on the modernization and optimization of its fishing fleet/fisheries industry. The focus is furthermore to develop a more sustainable and future-oriented fisheries industry with the right equipment to assure a sustainable and at the same time cost-effective fisheries industry in China.

Relevant facts on the Chinese fisheries industry:

  • China has eliminated 40,000 trawlers from its fishing fleet since 2012 due to environmental concerns
  • The Chinese fleet approx. represent 55% as regards tonnage capacity and 36% as regards the total number of registered vessels world-wide
  • The Chinese fishing fleet is the largest in the world with an estimate of more than 200,000 registered vessels of which 3. – 4.000 are classified as large distant water vessels.
  • The ambition of the Chinese government is to reduce the number of vessels in the Chinese fishing fleet to 160 – 180.000 by 2020
  • China has the largest Distant Water Fleet in the World in terms of numbers, but the production capacity and industrial scale is below many other fishing nations due to the limited level of technology in the fleet as, unsatisfactory/worn-out equipment as well as an aging fleet
  • The Chinese government has an ambition to modernize, develop and re-structure the Chinese fleet and fishery industry and the Ship building industry in China has attained a technology level which can support this development
  • The shipbuilding industry (including building of new fishing vessels) has been declared a key economical sector in China
  • The modernization of the Chinese fleet will happen on 2 levels: 1. Modernization/up-grading of the existing fleet & 2. Complete new-buildings of fishing vessels/trawlers
  • The focus from the government on the development of the distant water fleet is furthermore to protect the coastal areas and get the fisheries further out on-sea.
  • The increase in the large distant water fleet will also lead to new requirements for on-board processing facilities and equipment such as freezing facilities and value adding processing equipment so the fresh fish can be treated the soonest possible after catch on open sea.
  • The total wild catch of fish/seafood in China amounts to 17 mio. tons/year

Overview of participants on the delegation




The price for paticipation will be DKK 14.995 + Danish VAT per company.

The package price includes:

  • Participation in the B2B delegation trip (max. 2 persons from each Danish company participating)
  • Marketing material
  • Bustransport during the B2B delegation trip
  • Lunch every day
  • Networking reception at Marintec China
  • Other networking events
  • 1 networking dinner with others participants on the B2B delegation trip


 The package price DOES NOT INCLUDE:

  • Flight to/from Denmark
  • National Flights within China
  • Hotel stay
  • Food except the items in package price




Participating companies

There are 8 participating companies.
Participating companies

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