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Delegation trip to Southeast Asia

Introducing Oil & Gas members to 4 interesting medium-sized O&G markets in Asia

Target markets are:  
Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand

Target customers are large oil companies, main contractors and potential partners

Participants are members of the Danish Oil & Gas Technology Group with differentiated product and solutions 

The trip will take place in the end of 2020, expect travel activities during the weekend
(the dates are not fanilly yet)

Number of participating companies are limited to 8

Before the trip you will be invited to a meeting where you will get more information about the trip and the programme.




DKK 25,000 excl. VAT, flights/transport and lodging.

A joint hotel reservation will be handled by the organizers, hotel costs are not included in the price.

General terms of business for the Danish Export Association


Southeast Asia - Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia & Thailand

Participating companies

There are 2 participating companies.
Participating companies