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Fooma Japan 2019

Are you interested in the Japanese market?

Danish Food Tech Group is planning a Pavilion of Denmark at Fooma Japan 2019.


Why Japan

Representing six percent of the worlds gross domestic product, Japan is the world’s third largest economy and an important trading partner for Danish companies.

Japan is known to be secure place to do business. The consumers in the market are highly educated and adapt to new products and services quickly. At the same time, Japan has a large and open economy, a globalized mindset and keen interest in introducing new trends and technologies.

The Japanese food industry appreciates innovation and is constantly looking for the newest technologies. That combined with the good reputation of Danish companies for effective and innovative solutions as well as hygiene and food safety gives good opportunities for developing business in the market.

Japan as gateway to Asia

Geographically, Japan has a strategically good position for cultivating business in Asia’s emerging markets. Strong trade relationships with neighboring countries allows for expansion of business in this region, once you know the Japanese market.


Facts Fooma Japan 2018

  • 798 exhibitors
  • 34,590 square meters
  • 100,210 visitors


Are you interested in joining us, or want to learn more - please contact us.



Tokyo, Japan