Meeting and presenting to international associates - understanding the cultural codes from an international perspective

Did you know that more than 50% of contracts with agents or distributors abroad are terminated because of “bad chemistry” between the parties? Have you ever wondered why your business partners abroad tend to have difficulties in understanding your presentations? When participating in a Skype meeting, have you ever had the feeling that it’s not the contents of the discussion that is the problem, but the way of expressing arguments?

Join us at this seminar and get hands-on tools and insights into cultural codes. You will become even better prepared afterwards for cooperating with international colleagues or business partners – and thereby boost your business. 

Who should participate?

Export managers and other staff at Danish B2B exporting companies, who are in direct contact with foreign colleagues or business partners.

What can you expect to gain from this seminar?

  • Tools to help you capture the interest of your international audience when holding meetings, presentations etc.
  • Inspirational ideas regarding dos, don’ts, and ice breakers
  • Suggestions on how to improve your presentations to an international audience
  • Refresh your business English skills for meetings, negotiations, etc.


13.00: Registration, networking, welcome
Sebastian Schwarz, Head of Administration & HR, Danish Export Association

13.15 Part one: Using English to build good relations at meetings

  • What a 20% improvement English can do for business
  • Respecting cultural difference
  • Dos and Don’ts when meeting international colleagues
  • Using English to exercise politeness – quite different to the Danish language
  • Writing the invitations or the minutes: short, simple and correct written English
  • Ice-breakers at meetings and difficulties with ‘small talk’
  • English grammar basics: past, present, future, prepositions etc.
  • Basic phrases for selling and negotiating in English
  • Video/Skype conferences and the difficulties one may encounter

14.00-14.30: Mini workshop
In small groups, use 10 minutes to discuss what you find to be the biggest issues with meeting foreign business associates – each group prepares a list to present to us for discussion

14.30-14.45: Break and networking

14.45-15.30 Part two: Giving presentations to an international audience

  • When presenting, you need to think: ‘universal culture’
  • Structuring the presentation: WHO you are, WHAT you are talking about, WHY it is important and HOW you are going to present it
  • Building rapport with an international audience: your non-verbal communication
  • Connecting with your audience using ice-breakers, light humour, direct addresses etc.
  • The issue of questions – always worrying, but how to tackle things
  • Story-telling: build up narratives that people can identify with using simple English
  • Basic slide guidance in brief: presenting data in a simple, understandable way
  • Research data on international talent in Denmark

15.30-16.00: Mini workshop
Discussion in groups on 4 specific topics: 15 mins + 15 mins feedback & dialogue

16.00-16.20 Overview of the key points, questions and dialogue

16.30 Seminar ends

Lisa Koustrup

Owner of Simpatico, a company that specialises in guiding Danish businesses in all aspects of English. This includes teaching general business English, assisting with presentations, and providing guidance in how to conduct business meetings in English, amongst other things.

Lisa has an interest in global cultural understanding, and conducts qualitative research for institutions that want to find out how to keep their international employees/students. Originally from London, Lisa has lived in Denmark for 18 years, and has taught Danish businesses for over 12 years. She was a lecturer on the MA course in European Studies at Aarhus University from 2008-2010. Lisa has specialised in researching food and culture, and has published both in Denmark and internationally. She has both her BA and MA in English and European Studies from Surrey and Aarhus universities. 



  • 1980 DKK excluding VAT.
  • Discount for members of Danish Export Association 990 DKK.


Eksportforeningen, Eksportens Hus, Lysbrohøjen 24, 8600 Silkeborg

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