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Offshore Wind China 2015

Join us for participation in our B2B Wind delegation Trip to China in Cooperation with

Join us for the extraordinary second part of the B2B Offshore Wind delegation trip to China from 18-22 of October 2015. Get introduced to the prospering Chinese market, which has announced a significant project pipeline for Offshore Wind projects during the first half of 2015. Likewise, the Jiangsu province has presented very promising growth and development within the Offshore Wind Industry in the same period.

Danish Wind Energy Group China and Danish Export Association, in cooperation with, have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in this second part of the exclusive business delegation trip to China 2015. In extension of China Wind Power annual Conference in Beijing from 12-16 October, we have arranged a complementary effective 5-day trip (exclusive the travel between China and Denmark) to Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Nantong and Rudong with focus on visits to the following areas:

• Meetings with decision makers from Key-player businesses within the Offshore Wind Industry

• Wind farm developer, OEM’s and suppliers – Hands-on experience in regards to the business frame of the Chinese offshore Wind power industry (e.g. Linggang, Longyuan Rudong).

• Highly respected Research and Development center (Envision Energy).

• Site-visit to Offshore Wind Power Base (e.g. Longyuan Rudong Intidal Trial Wind Farm).

• Several Networking events and workshop meetings.

The objective of the Delegation trip strive to strengthen the Danish suppliers from the offshore wind industry, as they attain the opportunity, to collectively promote Danish technology and Danish services. Subsequently, participation in this Business Trip would contribute with the following:

• Monitoring opportunity of planned projects and knowledge acquisition about new projects.

• Introduction to new customers and relational maintenance of existing contacts.

• Acquire knowledge about market opportunities in the Chinese offshore wind sector.

• Opportunity to introduce and share of new products and services.

• Networking and knowledge sharing possibilities with peers and colleagues.


To gain market share or even smaller contracts in a competitive and relation-oriented market, as the Chinese, requires presence and persistence. Therefore, it is important to demonstrate continuous Danish involvement and expertise within the field of services, as demanded by the Chinese wind industry. It is possible to carry out this professional and proficient delegation trip through the collaboration with The Baltic Sea Region of Europe Program. We expect full program participation from more than 20 Danish companies in the B2B Offshore Wind delegation trip to China.



Free of charge. Additional fees in regards to transport etc. might occur.

Funded by The EU Baltic Sea Region Programme.


Not included:

Travel expenses from Denmark to China t/r + insurance.

Accomodation costs


Additional Conditions

Please see the General terms of Business for the Danish Export Association.




18. oktober 2015 - 22. oktober 2015

This activity has been held.