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The Dominican Republic & Danish Water Days 2020

Inbound visit to Denmark and a 3-4 day return visit to the Dominican Republic.

Several commercial opportunities for Danish companies 

The Santo Domingo Water Authority (CAASD) has reached out to Danish Export Association and The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) in their search for answers to immediate and future problems to secure efficient water supply for their 3.8 million inhabitants of Santo Domingo. The city has been growing rapidly for the past 10-15 years, and the current infrastructure is inadequate to cover current and future needs. In terms of wastewater, investments of $ 156.8 million have been made, but much work remains to be done: 70% of waste water is not treated. Further, as an island state the Dominican Republic is increasingly exposed to extreme weather, from flooding to droughts.


CAASD has specifically reached out to find solutions to the following problems:

  1. Reduction of non-revenue water, which today is estimated to be around 60%.
  2. Energy efficiency in water treatment: Santo Domingo has an electricity bill of USD 20m per year.
  3. Measurement of water consumption by the consumer. Explicit desire to run a pilot test
  4. A macro measurement program that enables the Dominican Republic to accurately measure the amount of drinking water produced in the water network and to measure the distribution of the water in their main macro-level distribution network.
  5. An operational control center which enables them to monitor relevant online parameters of the water network online in order to make timely decisions to optimize the water network more operationally


"Over the past 20 years, the Dominican Republic has been one of the fastest growing economies in the region, and today it is the largest economy in the Caribbean and Central America. Between 2014 and 2018 alone, the economy has grown by an average of 7% per year.  Sectors such as energy, service industries and industrial production have gained a good grasp on internationalization. The Dominican Republic is interesting to look at right now because the middle class and the cities are growing, and it is helping to increase the pressure on basic infrastructure - including water." says Jakob Anker Tvede, Investment Director, IFU. 




Two step approch 

13-16 January 2020 (week 3) - Denmark 

The promotion package includes an inbound visit to Denmark from Santo Domingo Water Authority (CAASD) in January 2020. The purpose of the visit to Denmark is to show-case Danish solutions, understand and identify the needs of the Dominican Republic, as well as establish close relationships with policy makers for the Santo Domingo Water Authority (CAASD). The delegation will be led by CAASD's Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer as well as policy makers. 

Exact programme will be presented when we know the number of Danish participants, but we intend to offer you the oppurtunity to host the delegation at your company premises.

See the final programme for the tour in Denmark 

16-20 March 2020 (week 12) - The Dominican Republic

A 3-4 day return visit to the Dominican Republic is included in the event.The re-visit to the Dominican Republic is in continuation of a thorough study of the commercial opportunities in the water sector, which points to several opportunities in the market - including in the wastewater area where 70% remains untreated. The re-visit will focus on visiting public authorities and supplies to see the level of current waterworks and wastewater treatment plants. It will be followed up by B2B meetings and project presentations as well as a dialogue with Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), IFU and EKF on co-financing opportunities.

Santo Domingo's water authority CAASD has been identified as the most relevant to visit and is of interest because of the expected investment amount. Other municipalities and supplies are also expected to become relevant customers for the Danish companies, provided they comply with the incentives provided by the authorities to encourage investment in water infrastructure.

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The Trade Council of Denmark has granted a subsidy for this event and we are able to offer you the following price: 

Full package: DKK 19,500*

  • Exclusive company participation in 4 day inbound delegation visit from The Dominican Republic, January 2020 (week 3)
  • 3-4 day market visit to The Dominican Republic, March 2020 (week 12)
  • Two persons pr. company are included in the package price.     
  • Additional sign up of staff 2000 DKK

Denmark package: DKK 7,500*

  • Exclusive company participation in 4 day inbound delegation visit from The Dominican Republic, 
  • 13-16 January 2020 

The Dominican Republic: DKK 13,500*

  • 3-4 day market visit to The Dominican Republic, March 2020 (week 12)
  • Two persons pr. company are included in the package price.     
  • Additional sign up of staff 2000 DKK

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* all prices are subject to subsidy being granted from the Trade Council and companies being eligible for subsidy – de minimis rules. Prices are in Danish Kroner, ex VAT, subject to min. 7 participants. Flight, hotel expenses, print costs and insurance are not included.


Together with DI, IFU, EKF and The Ambassador of The Dominican Republic to Denmark and the Honorary Consul for Dominican Republic in Denmark we are in close cooperation with CAASD’s executive directors and a number of key stakeholders with whom we collaborate to adapt the event content to your wishes. 



Denmark & The Dominican Republic

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