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Water - Chinese Danish Water Days 2017

Evaluate your current market strategy. Present your solutions to potential projects partners and be part of a strong local network with direct access to Chinese companies and public authorities.

Our Chinese water engineer will assist you on the market

Our group manager Mr. Ken Yan will be working to get as many interesting meetings and contacts in place for the event, - to support your business further he can continue this work afterwards through our Front Runner programme. By participating you will receive 2 hours of free consultation after the trip is concluded.

What is in it for you? 

Click here to view the full invitation and tentative programme

Highlights from the programme

The 3rd International Forum for Taihu Basin Innovative Management in Yixing, Jiangsu Province

  • A workshop specifically focused on environmental technologies and application with a time slot for Danish presentations
  • Chinese governmental officials presenting on legislations, policies, and financial supports on water and basin management, as well as the current development trends.
  • Mingling time to initiate business dialogues with local utilities and companies


  • Introduction to Hangzhou Water Holding Group Co., Ltd.
  • Presentations and discussions on water supply, wastewater treatment, NRW, potable water, water modelling and Intelligent construction

Meeting with Haiyan Industrial Park Administration Committee

  • Local company representatives, who have strong interest in improving water efficiency, energy efficiency, and wastewater treatment performance will attent.

Site visits

  • Haiyan Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industrial Park
  • Jinan Paper Sewage Treatment Equipment
  • Danfoss Project
  • Haiyan Zero Carbon House

Workshop on Sponge City in China + VIP Chinese water companies will attend

  • SEPIA has over 400 Chinese members in the field of environment protection, and will invite key water/wastewater members.

Visit to Shanghai Zhuyuan Wastewater Plant (To be confirmed – depending on participants’ interest)

  • The large scale wastewater plant in Shanghai with modern treatment technology. Daily processing capacity 2.2 million m3/day

Workshop – how can we co-operate to get Danish solutions into more projects?




We have already had confirmation of subsidy from the Danish Trade Council for support and are thus are able to offer you a five day programme at a very affordable  price: 

Chinese Road Show 2017                          DKK   14,900.-*

In case you are interested in only part of the programme, the following prices apply:
29th November 2017 DKK 7,000.-*
30th November r 2017 DKK 4,000.-* 

31th November  2017 DKK 3,000.-*
1st   December   2017 DKK 4,000.-*
A minimum of 2 days must to be ordered


* The prices are ex VAT, and subject to 15 participating companies. In case of fewer participants, we will assess the situation, and come back to you concerning possible adjustments. The prices do not include own graphic works and print, transport, hotel and insurance.



General terms and conditions can be found at our website

To participate to reduced price your company must be eligible for grants according to the rules and regulations of the Danish Trade Council. 


If you have any questions or requests, you are most welcome to contact us.


China, Shanghai


27.11.2017 - 01.12.2017

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