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Water - German Danish Water/Food Tech days - 2017

Want to be one of those companies that succeed in Germany? Although Germany is Denmark’s largest export market, Southern Germany holds a large unexplored potential. Join this delegation for Danish suppliers to the food and water industries where you meet key German players and gain insights on the market.

Bavarian food and beverage manufacturers with high standards

Food manufactures in Southern Germany within e.g. beverages and dairy are looking for technology to produce high quality products, as do the German water industry. 

Danish suppliers have the technology and services that complies, which leaves a large potential in and around Bavaria.

Water: Small alterations to your product may be the way in

Within water, utilities, municipalities and the industry are looking for technical solutions to e.g. obtain better wastewater infrastructure and adapt to climate changes.

Although Germany abide by water and environmental regulations from the European Union, each ‘Bundesland’ can have separate rules that your solution should be compliant with.  

Therefore, you must ask yourself:

  • Should my product be customized to meet German demands?
  • What’s the right market price for my solution?
  • Are there rules and regulations that I should adapt to?

Don’t have the answers? Sign up and get them during our delegation to Southern Germany

Gain market insights and meet customers

On September 11-13 2017, you can travel to Southern Germany with Danish Food Tech Group and Danish Water Technology Group.

You experience the market first hand by networking with e.g. industry associations advisors, agents, distributors and contractors as well as participating in B2B-meetings and seminars with market knowledge.

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Join the delegation and get:

  • Networking and B2B-meetings with potential German customers and partners.
  • An opportunity to map, find and contact customers or business partners.
  • A platform for preparing sales whether you want to start or expand your export to Germany.
  • An overview of the resources you need to allocate to successfully penetrate Germany.
  • The latest market insights that you can use for market evaluation or examination of your current set-up.

The delegation is for companies that:

  • Have some export to Germany but wish to expand
  • Have no export to Germany but wish to penetrate the market.


The program for the delegation e.g. contains:

  • An introduction to the South German market
  • Company visits
  • Networking dinner
  • Meeting with German companies within the water/food tech industry
  • Presentation of German research projects

View the full programme (preliminary)

Sign up for the delegation

Pre-camp 22th August - focus on your export sales to Germany

Prior to the delegation you can sign up for a pre-camp in Denmark that will prepare you for the planned activities in Germany.


The pre-camp will include:

  • Introduction to the Danish / German cultural differences
  • Presentation of German market trends and developments
  • Individual planning of 1-1 business meetings
  • Discussion on German marketing and sales tactics

Date: August 22



We have applied the Innovation Center Denmark for support. Please note that the granted subsidy only covers SMV companies.Thus, the price unfortunately therefore is higher for large enterprises.

Accordingly, we can offer you the following price for participation in the full programme. 

German Danish Water and Food Tech Days 2017

DKK 8800 for all SME companies**
DKK 15600 for all companies not being an SME  

*The prices are ex VAT, and subject to 15 participating companies and subsidy being granted to SME's. In case of no subsidy and/or fewer participants, we will assess the situation, and come back to you concerning possible adjustments. The prices do not include own graphic works and print, transport, hotel and insurance.

**SME status if the company has under 100 full-time employees and a turnover less than 150 mio. DKK in the previous fiscal year.

General terms and conditions can be found at our website



München, Tyskland


11.09.17 - 13.09.17

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Participating companies

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