Recent awards

Recipients of the award

Recipients of the award for the past twelve months. List of previous recipients of the award world wide can be obtained from the Danish Export Association.

Pressalit Ltd., Andrew Lowndes

June 23rd 2017, UK

GN Hearing North America, Kimberly Lody

June 1st 2017, USA

Øwre-Johnsen as, Arne Øwre-Johnsen

May 31st 2017, Norway

C.F. Møller, Mårten Leringe

May 30th 2017, Sweden

A. Felicinovich s.r.l., Alberto Basso

May 3rd 2017, Italy

Saxo Capital Markets Australia

March 22nd 2017, Australia

Haldor Topsoe Moscow, Jens Perregaard

March 3rd 2017, Russia

Binzagr Company, Abdullah Binzagr

Februrary 28th 2017, Saudi Arabia

Holger Andreasen AB

December 15th 2016, Sweden

Flemming Schlier, Dir. Krier - Advisor Vestas Southern Africa

December 8th 2016, South Africa

Pablo Sardi, CEO Crusardi, BoConcept

November 28th 2016, Colombia

Plemax Co. Ltd.; Sangwoo Lee

October 25th 2016, South Korea

Marudai Food Co Ltd., President Tokuo Kudara

October 14th 2016, Japan

Furniture from Scandinavia, Annette Rachlin

September 27th 2016, USA

Wastech Engineering P/L

June 27th 2016, Australia

Sobel s.a.s. Francesco Giordano

June 16th 2016, Italy