Danish Wind Energy Group China’s Visit to GEDI & Ming Yang

On March 27, DWEG China organized a visit to Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute and Ming Yang Smart Energy Group., Ltd. in Guangdong province. Participants from ten DWEG China member companies joined this visit, including MAKE, Avanti, DAFA, Megatrade, Mita-Teknik, NMF, Eltronic, Aluwind and Ramboll.

Mr. Zhou You, Consultant from MAKE Consulting presented the outlook of offshore wind market and offshore installation equipment in China during the meeting. As he mentioned, the Guangdong province had a great momentum of wind power development due to a great number of planning and approved projects recently. Thanks to the projects in Guangdong, Mingyang now occupies 11.9% wind power orders in China, ranking 4th among Top 10 OEMs.

Status quo in Guangdong

Mr. Tang Dongsheng, Vice Chief Engineer of GEDI and Mr. Yuan Guokai, Deputy Director of GEDI introduced the status quo of wind power development in the Guangdong province. By the end of 2020, 2 GW wind power capacity will complete construction while 12 GW wind power capacity would be under construction; by the end of 2030, 30 GW wind power capacity would be completely constructed. There are total 5 projects under construction in Guangdong now, including 4 projects in Yangjiang and 1 project in Zhanjiang.

In 2017, GEDI has won several offshore wind project bids, including the Yang Xi Sha Pa Project, the Jieyang project and the Nan'ao Lemen project.

The Jieyang project is located in the offshore area near Shenquan Town and Jinghai Town, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province, with a total installed capacity of 900MW. The planned installed capacity of Shenquan offshore wind farm is 750MW. The planned installed capacity of Jinghai offshore wind Farm is 150MW. This project is not only the first GEDI offshore wind power project invested by State Power Investment Corporation in the Guangdong Province but also offshore wind power general contract project by GEDI, after three Gorges New Energy Yang Xi Sha Pa Project. The Nan'ao Lemen project is located in the south of Nan'ao Island, Shantou City, Guangdong Province. The planned installed capacity is 350MW. 

Visit to Zhongshan

At the same day, DWEG China paid a visit to Zhongshan - Mingyang Smart Energy Group. This is the third time DWEG China visits the major OEM in southern China. Mr. Gao Wenfei, Vice President of Wind Energy Research Institute of Mingyang, Mr. Peng Biao, Minister of Supply Chain Management and Mr. Fang Qi, Strategic Purchasing Supervisor expressed their great interest of closer cooperation with Danish suppliers. 

During the workshop tour, Director Gao mentioned that the 3.0MW is its current type for offshore wind farm, however, their upcoming major offshore wind turbine will be targeted on 5.5 MW. 

All the participants were impressed by the latest development of the offshore wind market in Guangdong Province.